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Sexxiebebe23 Performs on a Stability Ball

Jan 12, 2013

We're kicking 2013 off right - our first Kalee clip of the year is relatively new and unbelievably sexy. Sexxiebebe23 recorded it in a fairly empty room, apparently to make plenty of space for the stability ball and stripper pole that she u... View Now

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Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman Make Out, Strip...

Mila Kunis rose to fame as Jackie, the sexy but spoiled rotten love interest of both Hyde and Kelso on "That '70s Show." As men everywhere watched the starlet transition to the big screen, we grew eager waiting for a steamy scene th... View Now

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Sexxiebebe23 Dances to Motivation

This clip is one of the shorter Sexxiebebe23 clips we've seen in a while but is certainly not to be missed. The upload features Kalee dancing slowly and seductively and has her ass working at top capacity. If YouTube offered a "loop" or "re... View Now

Posted Sep 16, 2012, No Comments, Categories: Shake Videos

Sexxiebebe23 in a Brown Wig

We love how active Sexxiebebe23 is staying on YouTube. She recently published another steamy video to her personal YouTube account and this one is a gem. In the clip, Kalee performs a slow and sexy dance in one of those brown wigs she pulls... View Now

Posted Jul 28, 2012, No Comments, Categories: Shake Videos

Sexxiebebe23 Footage from Landsharks

If you visit this site often or follow Sexxiebebe23 on Twitter, you're probably aware that Kalee wrapped up a pretty big party at the end of May. The event, which was held at Landsharks, an Indianapolis bar, featured local booty shaking que... View Now

Posted Jun 23, 2012, No Comments, Categories: Shake Videos

Sexxiebebe23 Dances for Spring Fling Event

Uploads to the official Sexxiebebe23 YouTube account are a rare treat. We featured her most recent video, Sexxiebebe23 fakers, shortly after it was posted just over six months ago. Well just last week, Kalee surprised her subscribers with a... View Now

Posted May 12, 2012, No Comments, Categories: Shake Videos